At Iconal, we want to tackle interesting problems using our experience in science and technology. We like ‘good science’ and finding the right answer for our clients.

We are a small, flexible and responsive team, with a focus on innovation to support the development of new capabilities. Our approach is based on insight into the problems to be solved, coupled with imagination to find new solutions. Cross-fertilisation – identifying and applying ideas and techniques from different fields – is an important part of this strategy

What makes us different?

Telling the truth

At Iconal, we understand that our clients rely on us for accurate and honest advice. We are committed to providing unbiased recommendations and solutions, backed by rigorous analysis and testing.

As an independent consultancy, we don’t promote any particular technologies or processes – just impartial, science-based advice and the best solution for our clients. See our full independence statement here.

Breadth of experience

Iconal has in-house experience across the academic, commercial and government environments, giving us a broad perspective on technical issues.

Our team have a diverse range of technical backgrounds across physics, engineering and product development.

Small, agile and affordable

As a small team, we are able to operate without the bureaucracy and red tape that can slow down larger organisations. This allows us to be more responsive and adaptable to our clients. We are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we can meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work, often at a much lower price point than our competitors.