Our Independence Statement

Iconal Technology provides independent consultancy, contract research and test & evaluation services.  Iconal is independent of security equipment and system manufacturers and does not own or market any security equipment of its own, nor does it market, endorse or have a financial interest in any products of third parties.

Consultancy and contract research are provided to government clients only. Iconal does not carry out consultancy or contract research for commercial organisations.

Test and evaluation services are similarly provided to government organisations and government sponsored security research projects carried out by other organisations. The exception to this is test objects, such as bag sets and liquids testing sets for security system testing, which we also supply to academic and commercial organisations where we are permitted to do so by government sponsors.

Contract research activities such as the development of early-stage prototypes of new security systems, concepts and processes may result in the generation of intellectual property (IP) which may be held by Iconal.  In such cases, Iconal does not develop and market products based on this IP.  Intellectual Property regarded as exploitable is divested by offering it for sale once the research projects have completed.  Any such IP is sold outright, rather than being licenced with downstream royalties, in order not to create any ongoing financial relationship with the transferee.  In this way, Iconal seeks to maximise the creation of new security capabilities from our work, whilst maintaining our independence.