Our Activities

  • Most of our work is in homeland security, where we specialize in new and emerging technologies for the detection of explosives and other threats. Iconal Technology is independent and offers objective, science-based research, testing and experimentation, and impartial advice.
  • In the security field, we work exclusively for a number of government clients in the UK, USA and EU. Our clients include a number of UK central government departments

Recent activities

  • Iconal is developing two early stage technology concepts through the UK Government Innovative Research Call (IRC) 2016 for Explosives & Weapons detection, one for multi-sensor high throughput screening of people & carried bags, and one looking at X-ray architectures for rapid screening of bags in non-aviation settings.
  • Iconal has two projects funded under the JSaRC Innovation call 
    • By supporting the ongoing High Footfall operational trials and gathering requirements from end-users and technology developers Iconal is developing the scope of a ‘portable’ test-bed initiative. This would enable new products, systems and concepts to be trialled in a variety of operational environments, allowing concepts of operation to be developed, tested and understood, whilst also helping identify future technology/product development needs.
    • Iconal is also developing an Early-Stage Testing Methodology for Detection Systems, which is an approach for testing early stage prototypes of
      physical security products for detection, also known as ‘low-TRL testing’ or ‘developmental testing’.

FP7 projects

  • We participated as a partner in XP-DITE, a 5 year project which successfully completed in July 2017 bringing together 13 organisations across Europe to develop, and demonstrate a comprehensive, passenger-centred, outcome-focused, system-level approach to the design and evaluation of airport security checkpoints.
  • We are also participating in HECTOS, a 3 year project bringing together 8 leading organizations to study how a harmonized approach to evaluation & certification schemes for physical security products could be developed.

Other activities

  • Iconal participated in the DHS Standoff Technology Integration and Demonstration Program (STIDPand the EU Network for the Detection of Explosives (NDE).
  • Iconal contributes to the development of technical test methods and Standards for explosives and weapons detection including the BSi PAS 127:2014 Checkpoint Security Screening of People and their Belongings
  • Hosted the Concealed Explosives Detection (2016) conference in Cambridge
  • The UK Department for Transport had a requirement for an ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) bag set for use in testing of aviation equipment. Iconal was able to act responsively and quickly to an invitation to tender and produce a bag set to specification, with a substantial cost saving on the pre‑tender estimate. A DfT case study summarises the project here