At Iconal, we offer a wide range of technical consultancy services to clients. We apply our expertise to multiple sectors, with particular experience in sensing and imaging technologies for homeland security-related applications. Our team’s diverse skillset and technical knowledge allow us to tackle a wide variety of projects.

Our core services are contract research, technology strategy, and test and evaluation. However, we are always eager to take on new and unique challenges that don’t quite fit into those categories. If you have a technical challenge or question that requires a creative approach or a unique solution, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help.

Contract Research

We’re a team of analytical and creative people with a hands-on approach to the innovation process. Our capabilities span feasibility studies, proof-of-concept prototyping, developing new materials (in particular simulants) and modelling complex physical systems in software. We have strong expertise in performing experiments and making scientific observations – both in our well-equipped development laboratories and out in the field.

Working with Iconal offers all the advantages of a team of practical scientists and engineers on-call, but without the overheads. Our small size allows us to be flexible and responsive, efficiently delivering results to our clients.

Technology Strategy

At Iconal, we’re experts at answering the questions that are most important to our clients:

“What technology is out there, and can it solve my problem?” “Where are the challenges in making this concept a reality?” “What cutting-edge research could shape this industry in a decade?”

As an independent consultancy, we don’t promote any particular concepts or solutions. Our team is committed to providing honest and unbiased advice, backed by our expertise in science and technology.

Our strengths lie in attending conferences, exploring labs, reviewing publications, connecting with our international network and attending trade shows. We look to find and understand the latest developments, but separate real advancements from mere publicity.

Whether it’s state-of-the-art reviews, requirements and gap analysis, or technology roadmapping, our approach focuses on providing our clients with practical and reliable insights.

Test and Evaluation

Our research and technology strategy activities, along with our commercial independence, place us ideally to support the test and evaluation of new and emerging technologies. We specialise in testing products and prototypes which are hard to test, with specialist skills in areas like live explosives testing.

Fundamentally, we help our clients understand if a product does what it says on the tin – providing them with the information to support procurement, further development funding, changes in regulation or just a better understanding of capability. Our statistical expertise ensures that the results are scientifically robust, allowing our clients to make confident, evidence-based decisions.

In addition, we are experienced in designing test methods and test standards in order to help our clients understand the capabilities of a system. We produce and supply test objects, ranging from explosive simulants and X-ray test pieces through to an entire aircraft’s worth of luggage.