We work in three main areas:

Contract Research

Iconal Technology carries out feasibility studies, prototype system development and experiments both in the laboratory and in the field to assist our clients in the innovation process. Through our staff, associates and partners, we offer a flexible, responsive, problem-solving approach which is both analytical and creative.

Technology Strategy

Iconal Technology carries out technology assessments of the state-of-the-art, technology forecasts and foresighting studies. These support policy makers and programme managers in setting their research priorities, technology acquisition strategies and regulation. Techniques such as requirements analysis, state-of-the art reviews, gap analysis and technology roadmapping are combined with deep subject matter expertise and access to a global network of contacts.

Test and Evaluation

Test & Evaluation covers the experiments, evaluations and field trials which are an important part of the innovation process, as well as the more traditional testing of components and systems to establish fitness-for-purpose. Iconal Technology’s experience includes both laboratory tests and field trials of new and emerging technologies. We work on the development and harmonisation of test protocols, including the specification of test objects and simulants.